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Alzheimers Medications

Alzheimers medications are usually not effective…period. They may be of some minor help, but a better approach might be a more natural approach.

Four Alzheimers medications are currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [Read more of this article…]

Alzheimers Symptoms

Alzheimers symptoms begin with forgetfulness as we age. Normal, right? But then Alzheimers symptoms progress beyond that to a debilitating condition that changes the patient’s life and their family.

Alzheimers symptoms are usually and mistakenly thought [Read more of this article…]

Disease Alzheimers

The disease Alzheimers is a horrible condition for a loved one to have and and almost equally difficult for family members. Traditional medical care for Alzheimers will focus on the family and patient coping with [Read more of this article…]

Natural Thyroid Treatments

Natural thyroid treatments are without the side effects of prescription drugs. Natural thyroid supplements gently support the natural function of your thyroid. Natural thyroid supplements and a whole food diet rich in iodine are the [Read more of this article…]

What is a Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is suggested by many. The best colon cleansing is actually a bowel movement everyday. Colon cleanse products and colon cleanse reviews are all over the internet, but they may not be a [Read more of this article…]

Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment Video

A hypothyroidism natural treatment sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? But what is that natural treatment and are you sure you actually have hypothyroidism or that your lab test was accurate? Stay tuned and [Read more of this article…]

Hot Flashes and Menopause

Hot flashes and menopause are difficult experiences for women and are usually treated with drugs that do not address the cause of the problem and have side effects.

Hot flashes and menopause go hand in hand. [Read more of this article…]

Osteoporosis and Bone Health

Osteoporosis and bone health is a topic for any woman over 35. Calcium for your bone health is the basic advice, but is there more to osteoporosis and bone health than just calcium?

Osteoporosis and bone [Read more of this article…]

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