Antibiotics for Colitis

Summary: Antibiotics for colitis makes no sense. Antibiotics for colitis are used by physicians who rely on out of date treatment ideas when there are so many successful concepts to be used to eliminate colitis in any patient, with any type of colitis.

Antibiotics for Colitis

Antibiotics for colitis is a failed, foolish therapy used by non-thinking physicians who attempt to take the easy way out because they really have no idea as to what to do for you.

They resort to antibiotics for colitis because many traditional physicians think that most bowel troubles come from an infection of some sort of bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. There are bowel troubles as a result of an infection, but it's a small percentage of patients. And it's probably not the problem for you either. Genes can play a role but the truth is colitis can be cured...with or without a genetic predisposition.

The irony is that antibiotics may have begun the process that has resulted in a patient getting any type of colitis. Routinely used to get rid of an infection, they can damage the balance of probiotics in your gastrointestinal system beginning a process of deterioration of GI tract health that can result in colitis as an outcome.

How foolish to use antibiotics as a therapy when exactly that may have gotten the patient into this position. Some patients may see a temporary improvement in their symptoms with the use of antibiotics for colitis, but it usually does not last. Some patients may get worse.

A more sensible treatment plan than antibiotics for colitis would be the use of a probiotic supplement, nutrients to feed the tissue that lines the gut, natural anti-inflammatory herbs, temporary dietary eliminations and a food allergy test. Consults with Dr. Dahlman are also recommended to increase the possibility of a successful outcome. And success can be achieved in almost every case.

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