Nuts can be extremely hard to digest for some, but not for others. Peanuts are hard to digest because they are legumes, not a nut and we all know legumes (beans) cause gas. The “other” nuts (tree nuts) can cause problems because after chewing them you have little pieces with sharp edges.

Nuts are an easy “go to” food for many people looking for a quick snack. Quick, convenient, tasty, some protein and good fats. What could go wrong here?

Nuts are also a food that many people with bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease or any type of colitis might choose because so many other foods seem to not agree with them.

Patients with these bowel conditions might also choose nuts as an added food when they are told they have to eliminate dairy products or perhaps gluten containing foods from their diet.

Once the patient commits to eliminating those foods, they search for other foods to make up the caloric difference because they’re hungry.

But, nuts are hard to digest so choosing nuts may actually make their symptoms worse.

almondsPeanuts are especially hard to digest, even though they are not nuts, they are a legume just like all beans, lentils, chick peas, garbanzo beans and soybeans. All members of the legume family should be eliminated if you are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms such as pain, nausea, stomach aches, abdominal pain or diarrhea.

True nuts, also known as tree nuts, can be problematic for some, but not all. As the “go to” food for those looking for calories or a quick snack because of hunger, the act of chewing the nuts into little pieces with sharp edges may cause the symptoms just mentioned. Nuts are hard to digest and as those little pieces wash over some areas of the gastrointestinal system, they may irritate an already irritated or inflamed area and cause discomfort.

Best to avoid these hard to digest nuts until you get a better understanding of what is really causing your symptoms.

Keep in mind that not everyone has trouble with nuts and that nut butters should be safe for everyone to eat as since the nuts are processed into a smooth butter…there are no sharp edges.

Try almond butter!

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