Colitis Foods to Avoid

Summary: Colitis foods to avoid are different for everyone, but there are foods to avoid that are specific for the individual. Once you learn the foods to avoid with colitis then you will know what to eat. Details below.

Colitis Foods to Avoid

Colitis foods to avoid are not the same for everyone with colitis. The list of foods to avoid can be determined by following a step-by-step plan that begins with common foods to avoid and then gets more specific with the inclusion of a food allergy test that fine tunes your diet by identifying the specific foods to avoid with colitis.

A food allergy test is used to identify those foods to avoid that improperly crosses through the tissue that lines your gastrointestinal system into the blood stream, stimulating your immune system to generate the chemistry that promotes the inflammatory process. A food allergy test is the main weapon to identify the specific colitis foods to avoid for each patient.

The elimination of all dairy and gluten containing foods is where each patient begins. Detailed information about how to eliminate these foods are found in Dr. Dahlman's free Crohn's/Colitis report available for download at the bottom of this page.

More Foods to Avoid with Colitis

More foods to avoid becomes clearer with the results of the food allergy test. Avoiding the foods identified by the allergy test...along with no dairy and no gluten containing foods...becomes the list of foods to avoid for you. It also means, everything else can be eaten.

Now, not everything is so exact and as you know, any type of colitis is a very complex condition. There may be other foods to avoid, but only with help might you be able to identify them. It may be best to allow Dr. Dahlman to guide you through the process of learning your specific foods to avoid as well as foods you can eat with colitis.

Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of Dr. Dahlman's free report on how you can conquer colitis and learn the foods to avoid with his all natural treatment utilizing a step-by-step process, temporary dietary eliminations and an all natural supplement program.

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