Gall Bladder Function

Summary: Gallbladder function is to store an enzyme called bile that helps digest fats in your diet. Gall bladder problems usually come later in life and unfortunately involve pain. The gall bladder is a storage organ behind your liver.

Gall Bladder Function

Gall bladder function is used to store bile, an enzyme produced by the liver to help you digest fats in your diet.  When the body senses fat in your diet, the gallbladder contracts and pushes bile into a "biliary tube", also known as a "duct" that empties into the small intestine. The gall bladder is a muscular small organ that sits behind the liver.

Gall bladder problems happen if gallstones are formed, infection occurs or the gall bladder loses its ability to contract. Gall bladder disorders are linked to diet, though conventional medicine doesn't recognize the correct linkage. Eating a whole food, more natural diet free from processed foods will go along way to preventing gall bladder problems.

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