Gall Bladder Pain

Summary: Gall bladder pain can drop you to your knees. It can come upon you gradually or it can prompt you to rush to the hospital. Many times the gallbladder pain is ignored or misdiagnosed.

Gall Bladder Pain

Gall bladder pain can be extreme. It can come on gradually or suddenly. Gallbladder pain may require hospitalization and result in surgery. The pain usually is found under the right ribcage and can also be felt in or near the right shoulder blade. Gall bladder pain also occurs in the upper abdomen.

Additional gallbladder pain symptoms are nausea, queasiness, vomiting, gas, bloating, burping and belching. These attacks of gall bladder pain frequently occur at night, can follow a meal containing fats and last between 15 minutes to 15 hours.

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