Gall Bladder

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There is an all natural solution to ending gall bladder symptoms and keeping the gall bladder healthy. If you have lost your gall bladder, Dr. Dahlman describes a digestive enzyme to take to assist with digestion of fats.


Gall Bladder Cancer

Gall bladder cancer is a rare cancer that if caught early can be treated.  Although traditional medicine can treat early cases of gall bladder cancer, it is best to lower your risk of gallbladder cancer by following a proper gall bladder diet. Below you will find a diet which can help lower your risk of gallbladder cancer.


Gall Bladder Diet

Why is a gall bladder diet important? Without a proper diet for gall bladder, you may be prone to gall bladder disease which can lead to serious complications and sometimes require surgical intervention. Read on, to discover more about how you can prevent these complications through a proper gallbladder diet or learn about a gall bladder diet for those who have lost their gall bladder.


Gall Bladder Pain

Gall bladder pain can drop you to your knees. It can come upon you gradually or it can prompt you to rush to the hospital. Many times the gallbladder pain is ignored or misdiagnosed.


Gall Bladder Attack

A gall bladder attack can be one of the most painful experiences you can imagine. An endless, painful episode possibly requiring hospitalization, pain medications and surgery. Gallbladder attacks are quite common and unfortunately are treated with the same therapy in almost all cases.


Gall Bladder Surgery

Gall bladder surgery occurs after a diagnosis of gallstones or infected gall bladder. This surgery is called laparoscopic gall bladder surgery where the gall bladder is removed through a small incision. After gall bladder surgery, it's important to know what to eat or what digestive enzymes are important.


Gallbladder Symptoms

Gallbladder symptoms can come upon you suddenly. The number one symptom of gall bladder problems is pain. Symptoms of gallbladder pain are usually found in the mid to upper right abdomen and can radiate to  the mid back and under the right shoulder blade.


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