Normal Bowel Movements

Summary: Normal bowel movements, what are they? A conversation about normal bowel movements doesn't come up much in regular conversation, but it sure does in a doctor's office that specializes in ending a patient's gastrointestinal symptoms.

Normal Bowel Movements

Normal bowel movements are a matter of opinion. But the question of what are normal bowel movements is asked quite often by my patients. What is the common thought about this topic?

After many years and many patients mostly coming to my office to end abnormal bowel movements, normal bowel movements seem to be best described as having form to it, occurring at regular intervals and being a comfortable experience. Anything other than that can be considered to not be a normal.

Normal bowel movements would not be one that is accompanied with a lot of gas and/or bloating, it would not be diarrhea, liquid or mushy, it would not be hard to pass (constipation), it would not occur more than 3 times a day, you would not have to run to the bathroom when the urge comes and there would be no pain or spasms accompanying it.

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